Erica Hersch-Green

Michigan Tech

Student Research Projects for Summer 2014

Research in my lab integrates the theory and techniques from ecology, evolution, and molecular genetics to disentangle the mechanisms that influence evolutionary and ecological dynamics within populations and communities. All of my research involves plants as the focal species and I am particularly interested in how interspecific hybridization, genome duplication (polyploidy), and/or sexual reproduction (versus asexual reproduction) influences species interactions (such as with herbivores, pathogens or pollinators) or adaptations to abiotic environments (e.g., climate change). Within these contexts, my research at RMBL has focused on hybridization and polyploidy within Indian paintbrush species and polyploidy and adaptation in Fireweed populations. Both of these plants are common in areas surrounding RMBL. There are opportunities for undergraduate researchers to develop a variety of projects in these systems and/or to explore related research questions in other systems. In all cases, student research questions and project designs will be a collaborative process so that students can follow their own curiosity and work with a good system to address their questions. My students conduct research projects in both field and laboratory settings – or a combination of the two. I meet with students regularly; although they tend to work in the field on their own once projects are underway. I do, however, enjoy going out in the field with students to brainstorm and/or assist when feasible.

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