Sensor Network – Pond Array

High altitude ponds at the Mexican Cut are monitored for dissolved oxygen, water depth, and pH. Dissolved oxygen is of particular interest to researchers who study salamanders living in high elevation ponds that either partially or totally freeze solid in winter.

The three pond sensors are powered by a solar panel with data flowing to its own data logger. This system was installed on a special “underwater sled” approximately one foot above the lake bottom, in ~3.5 meters of water to avoid winter pond freezing. (Data are manually downloaded yearly). The photo to the left shows the installation team rafting to the installation spot in the pond; note the tree in the foreground where the data logger and solar panel have been installed high enough to avoid the deep snows at the Mexican Cut. If you look carefully, you can see the yellow cables that carry the data from the underwater sensors up the tree to the solar panel and data logger.<

Pond data are currently unavailable online.