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Weather Station Data

The Snodgrass Mountain Met Station.

RMBL Weather Stations

RMBL is collaborating with the Desert Research Institute’s <a href=””>Western Regional Climate Center to maintain and serve data from six RMBL met stations. At this point, we are happy to provide access to the following highlighted stations:

Almont<a href=””>

billy barr’s House<a href=””>

Judd Falls<a href=””>

Kettle Ponds<a href=””>

Mexican Cut<a href=””>

Snodgrass Mountain

To view the locations of all RMBL met stations, <a href=””>click here. Note: Data from RMBL weather stations are still in the process of being QA/QC’d – including summary data. Posted raw data are not QA/QC’d.

EPA Weather Station The US Environmental Protection Agency installed an atmospheric monitoring sensor system southwest of the Gothic townsite in 1989. This station collects data for the Clean Air Status and Trends Network (<a href=” ” target=”_blank”>CASNET) and the National Deposition Program (<a href=”;id=CO10″ target=”_blank”>NADP).