RMBL Maps and Imagery – Facilities

RMBL Facilities

The following maps show the facilities at RMBL. These are important to keep in mind when choosing research site locations, since utilities may have to be repaired or moved.

Buildable Areas<img src=”/image_uploads/GIS_maps/facilities/buildable07-full.jpg” alt=”” width=”776″ height=”600″ />

Buildings and Outhouses – Current and Future<img src=”/image_uploads/GIS_maps/facilities/build_out07-full.jpg” alt=”” width=”776″ height=”600″ />

Septic Availability<img src=”/image_uploads/GIS_maps/facilities/buildseptic-full.jpg” alt=”” width=”776″ height=”600″ />

Septic Tanks and Leach Fields<img src=”/image_uploads/GIS_maps/facilities/leach_tank-full.jpg” alt=”” width=”776″ height=”600″ />

Utilities (buried electric, water, future utilities corridors, meters, transformers, water valves)<img src=”/image_uploads/GIS_maps/facilities/Utilities_Map_2014.jpg” alt=”” width=”776″ height=”600″ />