GPS Frequently Asked Questions

To contact the GIS/GPS coordinator, email or stop by the GIS office in the new Research Laboratory. You must sign out GPS units. Before using any RMBL GPS unit, you will need training. Please sign up for training at least one week before you want to go into the field.

What is the <a href=”/p175.php”>procedure for using GPS units at RMBL?

How do I know if my <a href=”/p187.php”>proposed research site is in conflict with other research or facilities?

Do I have to <a href=”/p188.php”>map my research site and how does that work?

What are the <a href=”/p189.php”>GPS units available and what is their accuracy?

How do I <a href=”/p190.php”>choose a GPS unit?

After I collect GPS data, how do I <a href=”/p191.php”>view my GPS points/lines/polygons?

Why haven’t I <a href=”/p192.php”>received my GPS data?

What is <a href=”/p193.php”>differential correction and post processing?

href=”/p195.php”>Mission planning – what is it and why use it?