GIS/GPS – GPS datasets

How do I access RMBL GIS datasets (e.g. air photos, wetland, soil, and stream data)?

Access of RMBL GIS datasets is through ArcCatalog or ArcMap. These ESRI GIS software programs are loaded onto all of the Barclay classroom computers.<

To access data through ArcCatalog:

Open ArcCatalog

On the left hand side is the catalog tree

Click on Database Connections

Double-click on RMBL datasets

All the datasets will become available.

While you click on a file, you can view the contents, see a preview, or look at the metadata. The metadata provides the background information about the file (who created it, what it is, and why, when, and how it was created).

Note: If when you click on Database Connections, you do not see RMBLdatasets, please use another computer, since the connection has been broken or deleted.

See the image below for a visual on accessing through ArcCatalog.

This image also shows all the “pre-fixes” used to organize and classify the datasets.

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To access data through ArcMap:

Open ArcMap

Click on the yellow and black button plus sign ‘+’ in the toolbar

Navigate to the Database Connections (if this isn’t showing, you may have to hit “connect to folder”)

Double-click Database Connections

Double-click RMBL datasets

Highlight the file of interest and hit Add.

You can repeat this to add several layers of data to an ArcMap project.