GIS/GPS – GIS Datasets

GIS Datasets at RMBL

There are numerous datasets available from RMBL. Information about each of these datasets is available in the metadata which is viewable through ArcCatalog.

Open ArcCatalog

Click on Database Connections in the catalog tree

Double-click on GISdatasets.sde

The list of all the datasets appears

Click on any of the datasets and when you do, you have three options on the right hand side (Contents, Preview, and Metadata)

Click on the Metadata tab and information will be available.

General: Lakes, streams, parcels, peaks, mines, roads, sections, townships, wildfire hazard, ditches, precipitation, watershed, wetlands

RMBL townsite datasets: Buildings, outhouses, water lines, water valves, electric lines, meters, transformers, wetland deliniation, riparian deliniation, buildable zones, future buildings, avalanche zones, phones, phone boxes, active and historical research site locations.

Boundaries: Colorado state boundary, Colorado counties boundary, Gunnison county boundary, wilderness boundary, etc.

Elevation: County wide DEMs (digital elevation models), SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission), NED (national elevation dataset), contour lines, etc.

Aerial Photos: County-wide 1m pixel black and white DOQQs (digital ortho quarter quads–2000) with 10-20 foot horizontal accuracy, 1′ pixel color floodplain data with 3 foot horizontal accuracy, 1m NAIP color aerials, 6″pixel color aerials with 2-3 foot horizontal accuracy–2006

Vegetation maps

Topographic Maps (DRGs): County-wide

Wildlife Data for 2013 (2003, 2004, 2005, 2007,  2011 also available upon request)