Additional Climate Change Web Resources

No single trend or data set is enough to understand climate change. In fact, multiple data sets from only one location are also insufficient. For additional information on how scientists measure climate change and a more comprehensive view of the physical basis for climate change, potential impacts, recommendations for mitigation, and climate policy go to: The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Gothic Mountain from Rustler's Gulch. Photo by billy barr
Gothic Mountain from Rustler’s Gulch. Photo by billy barr

The US Environmental Protection Agency

Climate Predictions for Central Colorado You can find predictions for RMBL (southwest sector) or your region in the US here:

The Natural Resources Defense Council In 2008, the NRDC and the Rocky Mountain Climate Organization released a 64-page report “Hotter and Drier – The West’s Changing Climate”, which you can find here:

US Global Change Research Program This site outlines predictions from the 2009 National Climate Assessment for water, energy, transportation, agriculture, ecosystems, human health, and society:

Calculate your ecological footprint Climate change is related to human consumption patterns in general, not just how much gasoline your car burns.

Colorado Climate Center

Western Regional Climate Center For historical climate information, current observations and many other climate-related datasets for the western US, look here:

Drought Forecasts

National Weather Service  For the latest seasonal drought forecast, go to:

U.S. Drought Monitor For current and past maps of drought areas around the United States:

Drought Impact Reporter Allows interactive map displays of drought impacts over time:

Natural Resources Conservation Service Precipitation records, stream flow forecasts, snow pack maps, and reservoir storage are all available here:

Water Watch Offers interactive visualizations of real-time water resources data from the USGS: