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Extending the Warming Meadow Experiment to the Natural World

To extend the findings in the warming meadow to natural systems, Dr. Harte and his colleagues also observe climate-ecosystem patterns across natural ecological and climate gradients, and model systems using mathematical relationships. Gradient studies and mathematical models allow researchers to scale up mechanisms and implications from plot to landscape scale.

For published papers that discuss findings from the RMBL Warming Meadow, go to RMBL’s Publications database and search under last name Harte.

Additional Data to Explore

  • To access publications related to the warming meadow, search the Publications database.
  • Go to the Drought Monitor Archives to make your own Drought Map using dates you choose.
  • The summary data from the warming meadow do not include precipitation and temperature measurements. To compare conditions in the plots with abiotic data collected in and around RMBL, explore data from the RMBL weather stations, or billy barr’s long-term weather and phenology observations through billy’s Data Visualizer.

Before downloading or using RMBL data, read the RMBL Data Use Agreement.


Sources of Funds

The Warming Meadow is funded by many sources, including:

  • The National Science Foundation
  • The US Dept of Agriculture (Cooperative State Research Service)
  • Pew Charitable Trusts
  • US Dept of Energy (NIGEC, LBNL)
  • NASA
  • EPA
  • Private donations to the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory