Butch’s Bees

Burlap Box ID: 28
No Burlap Box ID: 27
Location: Lat:38.904246 Lon:-106.973727
Site Notes: The latitude and longitude is incorrect for the box.

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Updated On: 07/28/2016 05:47:26 pm
Updated By: Brooke Desposato
Plug Contents Plug Contents
A1: Mud A2: Mud
B1: Mud B2: Mud
C1: Mud C2: Mud
D1: Mud D2: Mud
E1: Mud E2: Mud
F1: Mud F2: Mud
G1: Mud G2: Mud
H1: Mud H2: Mud
I1: Mud I2: Mud
J1: Mud J2: Mud
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