CB South

Burlap Box ID: 24
No Burlap Box ID: 23
Location: Lat:38.810620 Lon:-106.886033
Site Notes: Hung on our backyard fence, older wood, facing SW

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Updated On: 07/04/2016 01:34:47 pm
Updated By: Melanie Newton
Notes: Saw quite a bit of activity around the boxes! Exciting! unclear if the wood in G2 is dust from the boxes or if it was placed inside by an inhabitant.
Plug Contents Plug Contents
A1: Empty A2: Wood
B1: Empty B2: Empty
C1: Empty C2: Empty
D1: Empty D2: Empty
E1: Empty E2: Empty
F1: Empty F2: Empty
G1: Empty G2: Wood
H1: Empty H2: Spider Webs
I1: Empty I2: Empty
J1: Whole Leaf Pieces J2: Empty
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