Colorado Street

Burlap Box ID: 4
No Burlap Box ID: 3
Location: Lat:38.548632 Lon:-106.922658
Site Notes: South facing side of building, about three feet above ground

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Updated On: 06/28/2016 10:18:13 am
Updated By: Melanie Armstrong
Notes: Data recorded on Friday, June 24, but I was unable to input due to internet outages in Gunnison County. Two varieties of wasps observed nesting in boxes. No bees.
Plug Contents Plug Contents
A1: Empty A2: Empty
B1: Empty B2: Empty
C1: Empty C2: Empty
D1: Empty D2: Resin
E1: Resin E2: Resin with Debris
F1: Empty F2: Empty
G1: Empty G2: Empty
H1: Empty H2: Empty
I1: Empty I2: Empty
J1: Empty J2: Empty
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