62 Barbra Place

Burlap Box ID: 8
No Burlap Box ID: 7
Location: Lat:38.825463 Lon:-106.89207
Site Notes: Boxes are side by side on a dead tree on the south side of our house.

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Updated On: 06/24/2016 09:27:42 am
Updated By: Sue Wallace
Notes: Checked box on August 15 at 6 pm. Also noted: holes H1 and H2 have earwigs with black "dust" or a trail of black droppings going from the front of the hole to the rear of the hole holes B1, C1, E1, C2, D2, E2, and J2 have what looks like black droppings or "dust" accumulating near the entrance of the hole. hole E2 bee inside
Plug Contents Plug Contents
A1: Empty A2: Empty
B1: Empty B2: Empty
C1: Empty C2: Empty
D1: Plant Fibers with Debris D2: Empty
E1: Empty E2: Empty
F1: Empty F2: Empty
G1: Plant Fibers G2: Plant Fibers with Debris
H1: Empty H2: Empty
I1: Empty I2: Empty
J1: Empty J2: Empty
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